American Powderkeg: A Nation on the Edge of War

Recently, I wrote a lengthy and fairly explosive Facebook post regarding my predictions for America post-economic collapse that I received some feedback on.

In case it wasn't clear, I am advocating for peace between left and right (more precisely, peaceful secession as the political solution).

I don't want anyone to become violent. I'm not suggesting anyone take any particular action, other than this: you need to prepare yourself and your loved ones for what is coming.

The post wasn't a recommendation. It was a prediction and a warning.

In addition, I am well aware of the fact that many people don't like being boxed into "left" or "right" because they have nuanced views on a lot of topics. "Left" and "right" are generalizations, and generalizations by their very nature are imprecise. But they're useful as far as they go.

And in this case, because the country is becoming so polarized (this is an empirical statement), the generalizations are becoming far more useful than they've ever been.

That isn't to say that no one has nuanced opinions and that there aren't still distinct ideological camps. There are. You still have your anarcho-capitalists, your minarchists, libertarians in general, center-right types (Ben Shapiro), center-left types (Tim Pool), suburban liberals, academic Marxists (yes, I'm serious - a surprising number of university professors openly identify as Marxists), progressive activists, national-socialists, white nationalists, and others.

But responses to different political surveys and cultural attitudes have been increasingly divided along Republican vs. Democrat lines. Take a dive into Pew's research on this if you're curious:

It'd be great if there were someway for the culture to heal, and for everyone to be able to live peacefully together, be satisfied, and all get what we want out of our political systems.

Unfortunately, that is not the road we're on. I believe friends, family, and even super open-minded intellectuals can always disagree on certain things and try to persuade the other side, and even maintain good relationships while having disagreements. Because the reality is, even in a deeply divided culture, most people - while they do have an opinion on things (and increasingly, people's opinions are becoming more rigid and passionate) - they are simply along for the ride.

In other words, your average citizen will not be a soldier, even if there is a war in progress. They may support one side or the other to some degree, but even then, most people are mainly concerned with their own lives, and in a situation where mass unrest and violence break out, these people will simply want the madness, misery, and discomfort to end as soon as possible.

What many people - liberals and conservatives alike - do not understand (or simply disagree with)... is that demographics are destiny. The demographics of America (and of the Western world in general) have changed more rapidly than has taken place in any other nation in history that I'm aware of.

In 1965, the U.S. was roughly 90% white/European-descended stock. By 2045, the U.S. is projected to be less than 50% white, at which point, the country will become what some oddly call "majority-minority".

You might say "so what? Why does this matter?"

Well, the Republican party is comprised of roughly 90% white voters. Some mainstream conservative pundits love to talk about "Blexit" (black people exiting the Democratic party) and how many other minorities are conservative people - and it is true that plenty of people who are not white vote Republican.

But the trends have not significantly changed in years. Non-whites vote more than 2 to 1 for the Democrats, and very soon this will mean that Republicans cannot win any more elections. Trump will be the last Republican president whether he wins 2020 or not.

This does not mean all immigrants are bad, and that the nation must be purely white. What it DOES mean, is that - contrary to all the social justice/social constructionist propaganda we've all been fed - race, which is biologically based, DOES matter. Voting does play out in important observable patterns when you break it down by race, and there is no evidence that this is significantly changing.

Maybe you think that's fine. Maybe you think it's okay if white people become a minority. Maybe you even think we deserve it (personally I think that's a disgusting viewpoint, but that's a story for another time).

The reality is: even if they don't acknowledge it, many many white people understand what's happening here, and they don't like it. In fact, many whites - while they aren't "rah rah blood and soil types" - do, in fact (by their behavior) want to be around other white people.

That doesn't mean they hate other races. The idea that in-group preference is equivalent to unfair arbitrary prejudice is simply juvenile, and if you have been tempted to think that, you need to seriously re-evaluate your position and the propaganda you've been fed.

Why is it okay for every other racial group to celebrate their identity, except for whites? Why is Africa allowed to remain African, China remain Chinese, India remain Indian, but if white people question massive demographic changes into the homelands that were built by our ancestors for us, suddenly it is assumed that we are hateful?

The question I'm asking liberals is: what do you think happens when half of your population no longer has political representation?

These people aren't just going to go away. In fact, many of them, being heavily armed - especially in the context of an economic collapse - will declare the elected government illegitimate, attempt to separate from said government, and if refused, will violently resist.

"A bunch of hillbillies can't win a war against the government when the government has tanks, planes, and other heavy weapons"


Warfare experts have studied 4th generation warfare, which does not obey the rules of conventional war. The US government couldn't bring to heel a bunch of goat herders in the mountains of Afghanistan. How do you think it's going to deal with mass armed insurrection, especially when half or more of the military will defect?

This is the best in-depth game-theoretical analysis I've ever seen of such a scenario:

My point is: you must understand what is happening here. It is a tectonic civilizational shift that, at the very least, is not going to happen without serious pain for a lot of people. At the very least, America will eventually balkanize and boundaries will be redrawn. At worst, we're all going to be thrust into the middle of the second American revolution - whether we like it or not.

None of this comes from a place of hate on my part, or a desire for people I have known my entire life to be divided "just over politics". The reality is, we've reached a point where it's no longer "just politics". Anyone paying attention knows that.

The issues at hand are ones that strike at the very core of who we are, what we believe, what kind of place we want our descendants to live in, and the very things we are willing to fight and die for.

And soon, a large portion of Americans will be backed into a corner with only one way out. If this is a future that doesn't appeal to you, then you have a good head on your shoulders. But if you are pleased at the thought of conservative America being stripped of political representation forever, we probably shouldn't be friends anyway.


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