America 2.0: A Path Forward Through the Chaos

Updated: Jun 14

America is burning. Cities all across the nation have been set on fire by a volatile combination of mass-protests, unrestrained rioting, media-fed delusion, and mass hysteria. Businesses have been looted and burned to the ground. Statues of American history are being torn down at a rapid pace, and simultaneously, just as the nation's urban centers need order restored more than ever, government officials are seriously discussing the abolishing of entire municipal police departments. The death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department was simply the latest in a multi-year series of media-highlighted cases of black Americans being killed at the hands of the police. A thorough investigation into Floyd's background that would have added necessary context to his death - and an added warning for the public to wait for all appropriate evidence to come to light before drawing any rash conclusions - were conveniently skipped over by a media class too eager to fan the flames of an already existing cultural divide that has now clearly manifested itself as a race war, currently at the stage of low-intensity conflict. Because George Floyd was black and the officer apparently responsible for his death is white, corporate and left-wing media have been tripping over themselves in their attempt to frame the incident as yet another example of systemic white racism resulting in the death and oppression of black minorities - despite a complete lack of evidence that racism or racial prejudice had anything whatsoever to do with Floyd's arrest and death. In fact, as the Hennepin County Autopsy Report indicates, Floyd had multiple illicit substances present in his blood at the time of arrest, including methamphetamine and fentanyl. Prior to police arrival, Floyd had purchased cigarettes from a local store with what was apparently a counterfeit bill. Store employees subsequently attempted to retrieve the cigarettes from Floyd, but he refused. Police were then called, and after being handcuffed and unsuccessfully attempting to put Floyd in a police car, he was subdued on the ground in a manner that eventually led to his death. Onlookers filmed a video of officer Derek Chauvin appearing to kneel on Floyd's neck while Floyd cried out to officers telling him he couldn't breathe, with Floyd eventually giving up and collapsing.

Following the release of the onlookers' video, media reports were quick to write attention-grabbing headlines that would imply Floyd's death was racially motivated, or at the very least was yet another case of a black man dying in the hands of an unjust system of "white supremacy" that unfairly targets blacks for arrest and hands down extra-judicial death sentences, simply because the victims are black. Of course, the reality is always more complicated, and unfortunately the mainstream media narrative - driven by progressive ideology - has become almost completely divorced from reality. Basically everyone agrees that the police should be held accountable for corruption, unjust killings, and general misconduct. But the progressive ideologues and their allies in the media, the academy, and in politics aren't helping to solve the problems at the root of police corruption and in the black community - mainly because their diagnoses of the problems are completely wrong. The Myth of Systemic White Racism

Progressive ideologues who are inspiring the underclasses to destroy their own cities have been so blinded by the leftist indoctrination camps that used to be universities that whenever they see a black person killed at the hands of the police, their knee-jerk reaction is to blame systemic white racism. We all acknowledge the historical mistreatment of blacks in America, and the founding generations' decision to bring African slaves to this continent has clearly had profoundly disastrous impacts hundreds of years down the road, but to prove that racism is the cause of Floyd's death (or the death of other blacks before him such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and others), you need evidence that the officer involved had racist motivations. This is very difficult to prove. An officer's use of racial slurs could be evidence for this, but rarely is this sort of evidence produced. Further, regarding generalized racism in society - often tested with mandatory implicit bias testing across many HR departments today - it's difficult to tell the difference between arbitrary unfair prejudice and simple in-group preference, which is a universally human phenomenon across racial and cultural groups. Interestingly, white liberals are the only group on the planet that expresses an out-group bias at the expense of their own in-group. If white racism was the reason for the struggles of black America, we'd expect to see institutional bias in favor of whites over blacks manifesting itself in multiple ways. Police officers would be arresting blacks at a higher rate than the rate at which blacks actually commit crimes. Companies would favor hiring whites over blacks. In fact, neither of these are true. The reason so many blacks populate the prison system is because they commit a disproportionately high percentage of crime in America when compared to their overall percentage of the population. Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are present in almost every HR department around the nation. Organizations go to great lengths to hire anyone who isn't a straight, white male so they can get their "diversity numbers" up. Further, we can test the idea that white supremacy is ever-present in the culture. Simply go on Facebook or Twitter, proclaim that you're proud to be white, say that you think white children are beautiful, or say that you're proud of your European ancestors and their achievements, and watch how quickly the progressive outrage mob works to destroy your reputation, get you fired from your job, or worse. If white supremacy was everywhere and white racism was the problem for black Americans, why do all the biggest corporations - from Apple, to Netflix, to Microsoft, to Coca-Cola - proclaim their support for Black Lives Matter, publicly display how diverse their hiring practices are, incessantly denounce white supremacy, and are clearly run by progressive ideology? Progressives of every color look at the gap between black and white achievement and assume that white racism is the cause, but rarely are they willing to examine some harsh truths that could be the underlying causes for this gap, such as the prevalence of fatherlessness among blacks, or the unfortunate reality that there are differences in average IQ between racial groups. If one truly wanted to tackle inequality, one would begin tackling these issues instead of blaming a boogeyman that all empirical evidence indicates doesn't even exist.

The Path Forward

Sadly, the left does not show any signs of giving up their neo-Marxist narrative. Antifa and their allies in Black Lives Matter recently conquered a multiple-block portion of Seattle, and apparently the city council has prevented the Seattle Police Department from acting. Armed activists have cordoned off an entire section of the city, effectively conquering a portion of US territory and declaring themselves as new sovereigns over this area of the city - again, with no resistance by the local government. The agenda of the left and their allies in Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party is quite clear: America is an evil and deeply racist country, so it must be completely torn down and reconstructed according to the progressive utopian vision (whatever that is). Part of this plan includes destroying her history, and the other part includes replacing her historic European-descended ethnic groups with new groups from the third world who vote overwhelmingly for leftist politics. Why else would they be constantly blaming and attacking white people every chance they get? So what are conservatives to do? It's abundantly clear that Republicans are either unable or unwilling to stand up to this nefarious agenda. Fortunately, a new intellectual movement called Propertarianism has been gaining steam on the right for some time now. It has an updated American constitution and is led by a former tech entrepreneur named Curt Doolittle who has traded in his life of building companies for a project to save America and Western civilization. An entire version of Doolittle's updated American constitution can be found on its website, and John Mark's YouTube channel has a very large body of work on Propertarianism, its proposals, and its Constitution that's all easily-digestible for anyone willing to explore new solutions and abandon failed strategies. Propertarianism's selling point is a deep understanding of the problems plaguing the West today, a plan to fix them, and the means to do so. Part of this plan is re-designing the core basis of the law. The left's one-word narrative for quite some time has been equality. The right's one-word response should be reciprocity. Equality might be a nice dream, but anyone who understands how the real world works knows that it is a fantasy, and pursuing it endlessly will result in destruction, because nature has not given us an equal playing field. Equality before the law makes sense, but equality of outcome does not - and that is what the left has been pursuing for decades relentlessly. Reciprocity recognizes that individuals and groups must treat each other in a way that does not impose costs on others. According to Propertarianism's proposal of reciprocity, all human interaction must be: 1. Fully informed 2. Warrantied 3. Productive 4. Voluntary 5. Free of the imposition of costs on others via negative externality This is much more specific than equality, and it more accurately describes the way human beings must interact if we don't want to brew resentment among each other - and if we want to avoid the retaliation cycles that will inevitably follow. The movement is also organizing a convention happening in Virginia on July 4th, with details soon to follow. Anyone on the right who's serious about taking back America from its current unsustainable path imposed by the left, and building a secure future for people who love America - needs to learn about Propertarianism and attend this event. The Propertarian leadership team can be reached on Facebook for more information: Brandon Hayes John Mark Curt Doolittle Eric Danelaw The Propertarian Institute

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