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Western Revival

Rousing Our People to Action

The greatest civilization in human history is embattled in a profoundly existential crisis. Its people have rejected objective morality, independence from the state, ancient wisdom, and even empirical science. In doing so, they have been deceived by the powerful temptations of unrestricted sexual liberation, materialistic hedonism, political apathy, and moral relativism.

European civilization, like every human culture, has a troubled history full of suffering and oppression of various kinds. But it has been unique in its ability to bring peace, order, trust, sovereignty, liberty, science, technology, economic freedom, and the reduction of everyday suffering to the entire world.

Its people have spilled their blood through the ages to drag humanity kicking and screaming out of starvation, poverty, disease, and all kinds of suffering so characteristic of the unforgiving natural world.

And yet, despite all this, today its people have become so ignorant and ungrateful that they are allowing their incredible inheritance and birthright to be slowly destroyed.

Will European-descended people remember where we came from? Will we remember that modern abundance is not an accident, but a hard-won victory that our ancestors toiled so painfully to produce? Will we allow our ruling class to replace us with foreign peoples in our own homelands until we lose our ability to control our own future?

Will we reject hedonism and embrace virtue? Will we rebuild the nuclear family and sacrifice selfish and meaningless pursuits? Will we do whatever it takes to hold oligarchs accountable for their crimes? Do we have the courage to confront and banish the evil standing in front of us?



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